Happy Client Comments : )

“Success Leaves Clues.”

After we close a transaction I always ask my clients to share their feelings about the selling process, how they felt about working with me and my team, and if they could share any advice to others who are thinking of selling their home.

I believe that what my clients have to say, who have now had the “ Belland team” experience, may help a family decide which real estate professional to use.

Hopefully, the dozens of testimonials below will confirm our belief, that if you want your home sold fast and for top dollar, without any of the hassle, the Belland Group of Professionals is really the only choice there is!  ; )

Our mission statement:

“To be of service.”



All I can say is… If it hadn’t been for you all helping sooo much I wouldn’t have made it.  After the sale was all done I was so relieved and felt like a weight had been lifted off me.

Your team made it bearable for us to sell our home of 30 years… thanks are never enough.

Sandra Bradley


Good morning Lawrence,

I just wanted to take the time to tell you and your staff, thank you very much for all of your hard work in helping us to sell our home.

 This was a very emotional process for my wife and myself, after having lived in the home for almost 15 years and having raised our family there.

Thank you for all of your help with the many questions that we had, and for your staff’s great patience and experience.

You have given us a chance to move forward and on with our lives, and I look forward to being able to talk with you about a new home in the near future.

Again, thank you very much for all of your help. May you and your family and staff, have a wonderful holiday season!

Sincerely, James

 Thank you so much Lawrence & Katie for everything! This went so smoothly and fast.  Starting a new chapter in my life is exciting and scary at the same time.  I appreciate that you made this part of my life change move smoothly with little stress. Thank you for being responsive so quickly and keeping me posted at all times. 


Cindy Moisant Sent from my iPhone



After calling his office and talking with Lawrence for about forty-five minutes, I truly felt that Lawrence Belland could, and would help us sell our home. 

With each step in the process, I felt that I was very well taken care of.  His office was very professional, while at the same time sympathetic to our situation and all that we had gone through.  Every step of the way was clear and focused, a far cry from our previous dealings with agents.  Though I had often heard through other sellers having lengthy, drawn out ordeals, ours went fairly quick and everything Mr. Belland’s office promised would happen, did happen. 

Believe me when I say that it was a great weight lifted from our lives when the sale of our closed.   Through this we are now smarter about the home selling and buying process, and when we decide to again purchase another home we will be much better prepared. 

For that we owe a enormous “thank you” to Lawrence Belland and his staff.  For anyone, I strongly urge you to take control and get someone on your side who can get your home sold.  We are so glad we used The Belland Team!

Donald Dunbar


Thanks to the Belland Team

I am grateful for Belland team and for GOD to put them in my path. Belland team stopped the foreclosure and worked with me in helping me not to foreclose but to do a short sale. 

It was a blessing to have Belland team sale my home.  The team being there made the difference. 

YES! I could strongly recommend for anyone who is thinking of selling to give Belland team a call and have them work with you.  My home sold and Belland team made it possible. 



 Hello Lawrence,

You have a great team!  Everyone has been very kind.  I believe that your team is doing everything possible to help us with selling our home.

Thank You very much to you and your Team!

 Orville & Martha Nelson



 I just wanted to let you all know that the Belland Team is there help to help you get your home sold.

 I was not knowing where to turn and what to do. It was probably one of the most stressful times in my life, and I just felt like no one cared and that I would not be able to escape the madness of selling my home.

 I called and spoke with Lawrence and he was very helpful and went out of his way to assure me that they could help me and would lead me in the right direction.  Which they did.  I spoke with another gentleman by the name of Brett Files and he was wonderful, very caring and understanding of my frustrations, and he made me feel comfortable and safe to share my situation and circumstances with.  He would keep me in the loop as the process unfolded and as he found out information he let me know what was going on.

 I think what I liked the best was that they took over everything. Things started happening, and they were able to do a sale for me.

I had a wonderful experience working with the Belland team and would highly recommend anyone to work with them. They know what they are doing and they have your best interest at heart. Give them a call.  I know you will be satisfied and overjoyed that you did and expect a great experience and a positive outcome.

 Good luck and wishing you the best!



Dear Lawrence:

I want to thank your for your help with the” sale” of our home. We did not know what to do with our home.. When I got your letter explaining what you do, I called you and the rest is history. My only regret is I wish I would have called you on the other two homes . You fulfilled every promise you made in your letter. We sold our home in time. I should have called you sooner. Your team got everything done in record time.

I was very pleased with the results you provided for us and I would highly recommend you services to anyone. They will appreciate the professionalism your company provided and the great staff you have to do the work.

Anyone with any questions can certainly contact me. Get my information through the Belland Team.




 Selling  wasn’t something I wanted to do, but it was something I had to do. The  Belland Team took over my sale and my stress level went down. They were there for me whenever I had a question or needed someone to talk to. The Belland Team was a pleasure to work with.   Thank you all.

 Warmest Regards,




 I want to thank you for your exceptional help on selling; our house in Port Orchard, WA.  You and your team did such a great job in getting this done.

I could not believe how fast your team put all the pieces of the puzzle together to make it happen, you truly were very professional and very fast.

I would recommend you to anyone, when it come to selling their house. I was so pleased with your confidence and professionalism and the way you took care of all the details on my sale.

 Thanks you very much,

 Stan & Kaye


Hi Lawrence,

First off, I want to say thanks to you and your team for helping me through this process. It’s a huge weight off, and I’m definitely sleeping better at night now. Given how complex that process was, it’s clear that I couldn’t have done it alone, and I’d have to imagine that less experienced or motivated real estate agents would have struggled as well.

I was listed with another agent and sat back while the home sat endlessly on the market. When I first received information in the mail from Lawrence, I almost tossed it into the recycling bin along with the countless similar envelopes. At that point, I’d basically But the decision to call was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

Lawrence’s team immediately set to work on determining what my situation was and how to get the sales process underway. They were very good at identifying a sales price that both generated interest in the market and was ultimately acceptable to me. After an offer came in, they took care of all of the difficult negotiations and made the  sale process extremely easy for me.

 The s sales process was infinitely better than before, and it never would have been possible without Lawrence and his team. I owe them a great deal of gratitude, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone..


(name withheld upon request)


Lawrence Belland and his team were able to help sale my home at the best price. 

 I would’ve lost a lot if it were not for the help of Lawrence Belland’s team. 

The Belland team stuck with me even after the first offer for the house fell through.  The second offer was a success luckily and I am glad contacted them.  They moved quicklyin marketing my home.

I  kept receiving letters in the mail from Lvarious strangers offering to help me sell my home.  The only one that sounded real to me was from Lawrence Belland’s team.  For some reason I just had the feeling like this particular letter was more real than all of the other piles of letters I’d been receiving. 

I’m glad I made the effort, and I’m really glad they made the effort for me. 



So far, I’m completely impressed with the Belland Realty Group.  

As a performance coach, I have a critical eye and have not experienced this level of efficiency in years.  I don’t know the details of your secret, but you and your team seem to have a model worth repeating; prompt communication, complete, cross-checked and courteous.

 ~ Marcus


To whom it may concern,

Lawrence contacted us and we answered back and everything went like clockwork.  They sold our house and we have to say  job well done. 

Thank you Lawrence,Brett & The Belland team,

Darrell & JoAnn Kent



I am travelling and this message is composed on my phone so excuse any errors!

I have personally been dealing with underwater properties for over 2 1/2 years. I started with 12 properties and 18 mortgages. I am down to 6 and 9 and I expect a couple of sales shortly. I had been trying to modify all of my loans originally. With some lenders it was just impossible. I had some success with a few properties but eventually decided to sell as the properties were very “underwater” from a debt position.

I contacted Lawrence Belland’s office and I could not be more pleased with the service, All communications are concise, and almost every document is sent digitally, so it takes very little time. Lawrence’s team has been excellent at dealing with lenders as I have been released from all lender obligations. In addition, on a 2nd deed of trust that I had tried to pay at a discount for over a year the best offer to settle I had received from the bank was $21,000.  At the close of escrow, my personal funds to settle this loan was $2,500.

Although my credit has been hurt substantially, I am almost through this ordeal. I would without question refer Lawrence and his team to assist anyone in the position I was in.

Bryan Draper

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

(We’ve been very successful with Bryan’s lenders and in one case we were able to negotiate a $20,000 payment to Bryan from Chase. We were very excited to make that happen!  Bryan has been a wonderful client to work with, very responsive to our document requests and he’s responded to all offers and counter offers quickly: which is very important!)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When being faced with trying to sell my home (the first home I ever bought, mind you) I was terrified. I had heard so many rumors of what could happen and people with a bad  realtor experience. 

I was given Lawrence Belland’s contact information through a dear friend who had previously worked with him. He told me how great the experience him and his family had working with Lawrence.

When I first called Lawrence I had a ton of questions. He graciously answered every single one and provided even more information. This confirmed that I was choosing the right real estate agent

Lawrence and his team were there for me from day one. They are full of accurate information, quick to respond to emails and phone calls, always inform you of what the next step is to expect, etc. etc. I cannot imagine the experience of selling going any smoother than it did with Lawrence and his team.

I am extremely grateful and know I made the right choice! I will highly recommend Lawrence Belland to any family member or friend of mine.

Rebecca Bliss : )


Lawrence and hid team  work VERY fast! Within two days I had for sale signs on my property. Realtors would always give us 24 hr. notice to show the place once or twice a week.

Lawrence Belland’s office kept me posted daily.

 I am so grateful that I called The Belland team.



Dear Lawrence,

Thank you for asking me to share our experience with others.

Cathy and I waited over 18 months before we made a decision to sell our property.

We were very fortunate to find the Belland Team. Over and above the extremely efficient and professional manner in which our listing was handled it was immediately apparent that we were dealing with an empathetic group of individuals.

I thank you, Lawrence and the rest of the team for all of your personal and professional support.

Kindest Regards,



To Those seeking relief: 

My wife and I recently sold our home.  We hired Lawrence Belland and his team of experts help us out.

After a few months of our sale was happened. and we could not be happier.

 Lawrence and his team handled us with kid gloves and were always looking out for us. We owe a great deal of thanks and respect for what these people did for us.

If anyone out there is  looking for an agent to sell their home my wife and I whole heartedly encourage you to work with Lawrence and his team. 

All the Best



I am so thankful to everyone on the team that worked on our sale.  They were very professional as well as understanding of our situation.   We are so very thankful for all your help!  It was a heavy weight lifted.  

Hope this helps someone let me know if you need anything else.  Also, a special thanks to Bret for working so hard for us and for keeping us in the loop about all things.  We are so grateful for you all and feeling so relieved!

7 months ago our family was stuck in a home with an inflated mortgage and not nearly enough space for our growing family of five.  our only option was to keep paying every month and remain stuck in our small home without the ability to save for our future.  I decided to call Lawrence because he had helped a friend of mine with this similar situation.  The greatest piece of advice he gave me was that we could ‘either spend the next 5-10 years waiting for the housing market to turn around or we could take action now and spend those years rebuilding’. 

We chose to sale our house and as of last week the sale was final on our home.  I cannot express our gratitude to Lawrence and his team for giving us real life information and options. 

Lawrence’s team accomplished the sale and it was no inconvenience to me whatsoever.  They handled every step of the process and kept me informed all the way.  I have complete trust in their team and what they are trying to accomplish for families in this tough economic time.  

 We would never have had the chance anytime soon if we had not have moved forward with our decision to sell our home.

THANK YOU Lawrence and team for giving us the chance to move forward in our lives rebuilding instead of waiting and struggling.  I recommend you to anybody that is in a similar situation.

If you are thinking about what agent to use the answer is to call Lawrence and trust his process as it has lifted a tremendous weight off of our family’s shoulders.

Happily moved on and out,

The Christmann Family


Lawrence and Team,

Our family struggled for almost three years trying to save our home. Our children grew up in the house, our grand children played in the house, we hosted numerous parties, sleep over’s, holiday celebrations and countless other events.

After an emotionally stressful time, we decided to call Lawrence.  Lawrence Belland came highly recommended to us so we called and set up an appointment. Everyone on his team is knowledgeable and  upbeat.

 The process was extremely efficient. Lawrence was on top of things from day one and everyone associated with Lawrence Belland was amazingly helpful and efficient. We appreciate that very much.

The house was listed and the process began. Again, Lawrence made everything as easy and comfortable for us as possible. People would tell us you take your memories with you, etc.

But then as time went by we began getting used to the idea and we received word that the house sold.  Okay, now we were really moving; it wasn’t just an idea any more. We found a lovely home to rent and we have been there now for two weeks.

We are slowly getting used to the idea and guess what? Lawrence was 100% correct. A huge burden has been lifted and we now can move forward with our lives.

 If you decide to sell I definitely suggest listing with Lawrence Belland. There is no one better.

Shirley M.   Forest Grove, OR


Lawrence Belland… and the entire team,

I am now settled in a small two bedroom condo about two miles from where my old home was

I learned of Mr. Belland and his team from a professional acquaintance and made contact with him. The team did everything they could to help me; kept me informed, and was by my side all the way.

They sold my home and I felt good thinking I would have some more time to find a place to stay.

My advice to anyone reading this is to contact Mr. Belland’s office for Real Estate Broker advice. Best of luck.

Rick G.

P.S. Thank you Mr. Belland and the team for your help and support.


To Lawrence Belland and your great team,

One of my earliest childhood memories was overhearing my parents in the next room discussing their finances and reassuring each other with, “Good people pay their bills on time” and “paying off our mortgage early will guarantee our financial future”. Practicing this “monetary mantra” created my own lifelong habit of trying to do the right thing when it came to money. I not only paid my bills on time…but ahead of time. Even an overdue movie rental could make me feel like a deadbeat loser. I was brought up to believe that honest, hardworking people don’t falter on their financial obligations…even if it’s a 99¢ thriller.

Reality check. Guess what? Some fifty years later I found out that money principles change. Yes, the numbers can lie. Sometimes “good people” who are honest, hardworking and responsible… experience financial adversities. Sometimes “good people” who cut corners every way possible… cannot make their mortgage. Sometimes ”good people” who have always been creditworthy are now underwater on their home loans and are sinking fast.

Don’t panic. You are not alone. Many of us suffer from “Money-neu-cle-osis”and are feeling the symptoms of the current housing pandemic.

It is stressful. It is scary. It feels like you will never recover…but you will.

The antidote is to take immediate action, PRONTO. If you don’t want to become just another statistic you must move quickly. You must enlist the right “specialist” to treat your problem. This professional must be proficient in doing this “operation” called the short sale. This person must be able to take you through the painful Short Sale process and ultimately get you healthy again and back on your feet. Again I remind you that help is out there. You just need where to look.

Without question, the expert on Short Sales is Lawrence Belland. Lawrence and his skilled team will be there for you… like they were for us. Lawrence made good on his promises, sold our home and I am confident that he can help do the same for you.

For those of you just starting this race or to those who might be in the middle of a short sale… don’t become discouraged. When the tunnel looks dark, desolate and dismal, just keep going. The finish line is just around the corner. Your financial fitness…is only a few steps away…

Debi W.


Thank you so much Lawrence and team,

It is you and your team that I give a tremendous thanks to for everything you did. You don’t realize what you have done for me; the load you took off me and the peace of mind you gave me. Even getting notified that I was deploying out of the country I was able to concentrate on other things besides the house because I knew you had it taken care of.  

So from the bottom of my heart “Thank You!”  for helping and supporting me through all of this. Please let Stormi know that I really appreciate her help in having to deal with everything.  Thanks again so much you folks are great and I highly recommend you to anyone!



Dear Short Sale Team, (Drum Roll Please)

Thank you for the excellent work you did on my home sale! I would definitely recommend your Team to anyone needing to sell their home. 

Once again Thank You for all your services.


Duane C.



I appreciate the time you take to respond to clients. The whole team is wonderful!




Hi Lawrence,

I absolutely have NO problem with you sharing this letter or, my name for that matter, with anyone regarding selling their house. Personally, I’ve owned seven homes over the years including the one that you sold for me when my mother got sick and I had to make the decision (at the worst time for me) to sell our home and move back to California with a very unsure future in store.

The first problem was that I had this HUGE commitment (My house) that I knew was going to be hard to sell at the time. I was forced to choose between taking care of my mother or, staying in Oregon and taking care of my obligations. I thought I had it solved when I finally rented it however, the party that leased it from me broke their lease and I was back in the same position.

The stress involved with leaving our home would be unexplainable to anyone that hasn’t experienced it before…    

 We contacted your office and boy, am I glad! In spite of all the stress, anxiety and other wonderful feelings we were experiencing at the time, your team helped us SO much with your understanding, efficiency and professionalism. I think you ought to give seminars to all the other realtors in Oregon in on how to sell a home.

Anyway, my house sold Though my mother is now in a nursing home and my father is soon to join her, life is generally better. We pray a lot and go to church as regularly as possible.

God bless your real estate team for helping us make this transition we experienced as painless as possible.

Best regards,

Martin M.


Hello Lawrence,

  Sorry for the delay in responding. Been hectic with graduations and birthdays and what not. But if I were to share my experience with anyone considering selling their home.

Bellands team can make selling better with the help of his friendly, caring, expert professionals.

    Lawrence’s team came in and not only answered my questions, but guided me through every step of the selling process and set me up for a better tomorrow, a better future. And to this day, I still get emails from B&B giving me advice and telling me to be sure I contact them when I think I might be ready to buy a home since they will tell me if it is truly a good time or not.

 I felt at ease as Lawrence’s team handled all the details of the sale for me. All I had to do was be patient, and wait for Lawrence’s team to tell me when they were ready for me to sign the closing papers.

 ABSOLUTELY! Could I have not done it without Lawrence’s team, ABSOLUTELY NOT! Their expertise & care along with my willingness to trust them with the sale process.



Hey Lawrence,


Kevin Kiester.


Hi Lawrence & Team,

What I can tell you now is that I’ll always be thankful to you and your staff for all you did, but most importantly for the peace and tranquility you gave me just on our first meeting.

I am, and will always, be thankful to have had your GREAT services. Pass my number or email to anyone feeling the same as I felt back then. I will tell them “You are in great hands!”





Please pass my thanks and appreciation on to your team… this really exceeded my expectations and I can’t tell you how much!  Again… Thank you very, very much for this and for helping our friends and family!!  

We do have another referral coming through soon named Curtis.   Have a great weekend!!!



Team Belland,

Thank you! This weather is like expressive of this nightmare home, but You are our sunshine in it – Cheesy, right?

But seriously, thanks a multitude for all you’ve done, and have helped me with.



I wanted to thank you for your assistance in selling my house, it was a miracle, and also for the gift card that you sent me.  That was very nice.

Thanks again,



Hello Team,

We happened to run across a letter from Lawrence Belland of John L. Scott Real Estate.  I remembered feeling like we finally found the right people to help us after talking to Lawrence on the phone.

  I truly believe it was because of your persistence, industry knowledge, and great communication that we sold our home. We can’t thank you enough!

Thank you!




Tell Lawrence that I appreciate his help and insight and I think I made a really good decision using you guys. I will refer you out and have already.




 To Whom this may concern,

   I received a letter in the mail from Lawrence Belland of John L Scott Real Estate

They were amazing! They stayed on top of everything.

 You will never be disappointed with the Belland Team.


Lawrence & Team,

 I would like to tell you how impressed I was with your honesty about the purchase of a home for our son. I called him and made him aware of what we discussed as far as what you felt was ahead of us in the real estate market. I gave him your phone # in case he has any more questions.

Thank you for being a man of character.

God Bless… David



I am Cheng Saephan, and very much appreciated the Lawrence Belland Team.

They had helped me a lot and got my home sold.

Now I am happy.. Thank you very much for your help (Lawrence Belland).



Your office staff was very nice, professional, and helpful to us. You made it simple and easy for us to understand the selling process and get our home sold!



Words cannot express the relief we felt when we placed our home in your hands. Thank you to your entire staff for the great work they did.

Kudos to you all!



The most important thing for me when I was working with you and your team was the sensitivity and experience.  Together this provided me a tremendous comfort and quality of customer care. 

I will probably never understand the financial structure and incentives for banks to prefer Short sales over trying to work with homeowners to keep them in their homes but I do understand the confusion, loss, grief, and at times fear that is involved with going through the Short sale process.  If any bit of my experience could soften or help someone else I would be more than glad to provide this service.

Thank you again for your caring and terrific knowledge and experience that helped me get through an extremely painful and difficult decision and time. 

 Paula J. R



Once again, we wanted to say thank you for all your efforts and getting us through the sale of my home.

We also want to take a minute to brag on your team, Katie and Brett. Both were excellent in communicating with us and showed care and concern when answering our questions. There were days when Katie and I talked 4 times a day and we knew she was burning the midnight oil many times.

Of course my sale could not have happened without you.

We look forward to hearing from you when we buy again. Keep us posted.
Thank you again,

KD Olson-Wilkerson


Just a quick note to say and  Thank You and your team for your helpfulness and thoughtfulness. I am doing ok . Jennifer was very nice and easy to deal with and also very helpful.

Thanks again,



About my experience,

When we made the decision to put our house on the market  and have Lawrence Belland’s team representing us, it was because we couldn’t handle one more thing on our plate.

I honestly don’t know how we would have made it through the whole process without such an incredible team behind us… knowing that they had our house situation covered let us focus on our family. My husband now has an incredible job and the boys are challenging but amazing and continuing to grow and improve daily.

We are so thankful for Katie and the entire team.


To whom this may concern,

I received a call from Lawrence Belland, John L Scott about selling my home.

They were amazing they stayed on top of everything.  Got my home sold.


Dear Lawrence & Bret:

What I would first advise someone contemplating selling their home is to visit the website of Belland Realty Group Additionally, I found not only the information on the Belland Realty Group website informative and comforting, but my meeting with Mr. Belland and his other associates were also encouraging.

It has also been my experience with the team, that  I have, any perspective client can expect weekly updates initiated by Mr. Belland’s associates via telephone and through e-mails, as well as having all calls returned in one business day (not ignored or delayed) and that additional concerns which may subsequently and invariably arise in the home selling process, answered, also within one business day.

I highly recommend Lawrence Belland and the entire team.

Teja W


Team Belland,

Lawrence & Bernadette,

I got a call from Karrie Anderson yesterday too (seller on Isaac Lane) and she was super thrilled that we closed escrow and thanked me over and over again.  Said she was very happy with the process and so appreciative for everything we all have done.  Love sharing the good news!